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I decided to dedicate a page of my site to my film “Fallo!” (Do it!) which represented my encounter with the prince of erotism, Maestro Tinto Brass. This is how he introduces his film:
“Fallo! is at the same time the imperative tense of the verb FARE (to do), the breaking of a rule (e.g. foot-fault in tennis), the name with which Lady Chatterley evokes and invokes the sexual sceptre of game-warden Mellors. My film is all of this, thus without any doubts phallocentric, even though, despite the exclamation point of its title, more phallocritic than phallocratic!
In a gay hullabaloo of complicity and deceit, subterfuges and betrayals, lies and malice,
FALLO! narrates 6 episodes of disenchanted and licentious amourous skirmishes”
In this film I play the role of show-girl Erika in the episode “
Montaggio Alternato (Double trouble): Stefania, glamorous wife of a Television big shot, pays back her husband who has an affair with ambitious show-girl Erika, by having a fling with Erika’s no less ambitious husband, rampant TV director Bruno.


In this page you’ll find some shots from the set and some from the press-conference. Soon I’ll add new exclusive photos of my role in “Fallo!” taken from my own personal archives…..just give me time enough to go find them!
See you soon,




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Shots from the set:

Press Conference :


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